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Coastal Living by Lauren Gift

Coastal Living by Lauren Gift
Coastal Living by Lauren Gift


Kärlek: Hi Lauren! Tell us a bit about yourself!

LG:  Hi, I'm Lauren! 

Check out my bio page on my website!
Kärlek: What was the inspiration behind your art?

LG: The coastal Lifestyle in Charleston,SC. 


Kärlek: Love it! :-) So, which mediums did you use and what made you choose them?

LG: I started using oil paints. I think they give artists a great foundation for learning because they take longer to dry. I now use acrylic paint and paper when doing a mixed media piece.


Kärlek: What did you enjoy most about using a Kärlek backpack as your canvas?

LG: I love the self expression that it offered. 


Kärlek: Do you have any tips or thoughts to share about your experience?

LG: I had a wonderful time working with Karlek. Their backpack provide an affordable fun time for all ages. 


You can see more of Lauren's work on her Instagram: @artbylaurenjane