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Rock & Roll by Crissy DePina

Rock & Roll by Crissy DePina
Rock & Roll by Crissy DePina

Kärlek: Hi Crissy! Tell us about yourself
Crissy DePina: I'm Crissy DePina from N.J. now living in Pike Creek, Delaware. Artist and owner of Henna True. I loved art my whole life. I'm pretty addicted to d.i.y. projects that haven't been made yet! I love a challenge. 
Kärlek: What was the inspiration behind your art?

CD: My inspiration was from the winning customer who asked me to design something unique and edgy. She's kinda rock & roll with pretty green eyes and wanted that in my design. 

Kärlek: Love it! :-) So, which mediums did you use and what made you choose them?

CD:  I mixed my acrylic paints with fabric paint, fabric glue, and fine glitter. So, the glitter will not fall off when in use and for flexibility. Fabric painting can be diluted with a little water too. I picked up some sequence fabric and glued to the straps for a touch of glamor.


Kärlek: What did you enjoy most about using a Kärlek backpack as your canvas?

CD: I'm amazed at how quickly the material dries when painting. I like to paint in layers to add texture and lots of glitter!


Kärlek: Do you have any tips or thoughts to share about your experience?

CD: A good tip is when planning your design is to look at where your placement will go with the bag open, closed, and when it's full and in use. Be sure to fill the bag and see how your design can shift in these positions. Planning your placement is key to loving your end results. 


You can see more of Crissy's work on her Instagram: @henna.true