Kärlek Backpacks

Stacey Hoffer

Stacey Hoffer
Stacey Hoffer


Kärlek: Hi Stacey! Tell us a bit about yourself!

SH:  Hi, I'm Stacey! 

I am a transformational women’s empowerment teacher and a mental health, emotional wellness, and self-love coach. I help women move past self-judgement and the fear of judgement from others so they can finally and happily live their true authentic lives, in all areas of their lives.
Kärlek: What was the inspiration behind your art?

SH:  Warm sunny weather was the inspiration behind the painting I did on my backpack. For me, the orange, magenta and yellow colors represent feeling full of vitality. And the whimsical stars, circles, and flowers simply bring my JOY.


Kärlek: Love it! :-) So, which mediums did you use and what made you choose them?

SH: I used acrylic paint for the orange, magenta and yellow background, and use paint pens for the fine details. I used the acrylic paints because I find them to be the most vibrant. I used paint pens because I find them a lot easier to draw small details (compared to drawing with a paintbrush).

Kärlek: What did you enjoy most about using a Kärlek backpack as your canvas?

SH: I loved painting the texture of the backpack – it was a new type of canvas for me. I also enjoyed feeling into what my painting would look like when I was wearing my backpack. That influenced where and what I painted.

Kärlek: Do you have any tips or thoughts to share about your experience?

SH: Create intentional space for your painting experience. I recommend lighting a candle, putting on your favorite music, and allowing your paintbrushes to guide you.


You can see more of Stacey's work on her Instagram: @evolvingstacey