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Kisses by Crissy De

Kisses by Crissy De
Kisses by Crissy De

Kärlek: Hi Crissy! What was the inspiration behind your art?

CD: Right away the heart logo got my attention. I'm known to love hearts and kisses so I incorporate love in my art because I Love Art. Ali Sabet is my favorite artist who does similar work. I'm inspired by LOVE.

Kärlek: Love it! :-) So, which mediums did you use and what made you choose them?

CD: I used different kinds of paint. I had to mix in fabric paint and glue. Paint alone would crack or peel off with any type of movement. I used a few kinds of glitter and fabric too. Glitter gives my art the need to be looked at. With all the time and love I put into my work I want to make sure when someone looks at it they're enjoying the view.

Kärlek: Your glue tip is super helpful! What did you enjoy most about using a Kärlek backpack as your canvas?

CD: When I was a little girl my Mother wrapped our school books with brown paper bags. I was the kid who doodled more on the book cover than paying attention in class. My books were covered with doodles and such that I always needed new covers to start again. 

This bought back those memories and it was so exciting to see the material for the first time as I unboxed my package!

Kärlek: What a fun memory to share. Do you have any tips or thoughts to share about your experience?

CD: I teach art classes. I'm offering Zoom classes too. This would be a fun class for D.I.Y. crafters. 

I would be happy to be a part of one too. I'd definitely say if someone wants to paint theirs, don't just use fabric paint! You can do so much more if you just add fabric paint or fabric glue into you choice of paint. I took my time and mixed my own. This means you can add glitter and other embellishments. I did not completely cover mine in art. I left open space because I Love to recreate my items. After sometime I will probably give her a makeover! 

You can see more of Crissy's work on her Instagram: @henna.true